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American Movie: Rest Easy, Mike Schank

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Mike Schank is best known as the co-star of American Movie. A family friend confirmed to Milwaukee Record that Mike “passed away early this morning in his mother’s arms.”

I didn't personally know Mike, but every time I saw him out and about while living in Milwaukee I always made a point of saying "Hello" to him. He was a popular figure amongst my friends there.

One friend managed a record store there and booked Mike to play an in-store. His guitar playing was one of my favorite things about American Movie. He gave me the announcement flyer for the show that his Mother made and CDR burned by Mike with a handwritten track listing one year for Christmas.

Mike's sobriety is what tugged on my heart strings the hardest. Living in the Midwest isn't a cake walk if you're a teetotaler. He had recently shared on Twitter that he had 27 years officially under belt. I guess it's time to watch American Movie again. I revisited its greatness after Uncle Bill passed too. I guess I'd better create an "Essential Viewing" category to add this entry to as well.

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