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Big Fudge: Record Cleaning Kit

A question about vinyl care hit our inbox this week. They were wondering if we had any recommendations for a record cleaning kit to purchase. I recently picked up Big Fudge's kit and like it enough to recommend it. Is it the best? I can't honestly say that I put any research into this

choice other than looking at the average customer reviews and pricing. At $26.99, this kit is

hard to beat.

Here's what's included: Padded Storage Case. Velvet Vinyl Cleaner Brush. Record Cleaning Fluid. Stylus Gel.

The combination of their anti-static brush and cleaning fluid effectively eliminate dirt, dust, and fingerprints from your albums.

The stylus cleaner gel is the reason I chose to go with this option. There's something about a stylus brush and coffee shakes that makes me anxious. The gel effortlessly removes any dust from your stylus without the fear of tearing it off with a brush. Keeping your stylus clean helps maintain long-term performance and keeps your albums in mint condition.

Like ourselves, Big Fudge are record collectors. They're so confident in the quality of the products that they put on the market that they offer a lifetime money-back guarantee!

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