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Exclusive Vinyl: Rough Trade's Top 20 of 2022

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Rough Trade has published its Top 100 albums of 2022. It has also announced that it will be offering exclusive vinyl reissues of the Top 20 albums on the list. For a full list and links to the exclusive offerings, click here.

Rough Trade's album of the year is The Smile's 'A Light For Attracting Attention'. The album will be released with an alternate sleeve on Smoke/Marble Grey Vinyl (Qty. 2000). Includes Bonus CD.

“We want to thank Rough Trade (NYC) for considering us for Vinyl Album of the Year, it means a lot. Independent record stores and labels remain islands under threat, but are absolutely essential to finding new music, music that exists away from homogenous clean universe of infinite repeat that we are subjected to without being asked. We rely on independent music stores as much as others to find inspiration, to be challenged and to remain excited and surprised by music. Music will be nothing without such independence - rendered meaningless fodder, cheap disposable furniture in a store that nobody notices and nobody cares about.” - The Smile

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