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Mondo: The Art Of Soundtracks

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Another book that I purchased, packed away, and will see again when surrounded by different walls is Mondo: The Art Of Soundtracks. I can't explain why I do the things I do, but I've just never had interest in buying Live albums, Greatest Hits compilations, or Movie Soundtracks. I can thank the guy who runs the local record store for changing my perspective about Soundtracks.

The book showcases the first decade of Mondo and Death Waltz. The cover is amazing with actual raised record grooves. I'm excited to crack the covers on both of the new books I mentioned this week.

Mondo is an Austin-based company that releases incredibly cool pop culture collectibles. Movie posters, apparel, games, books, toys, etc. The combination of my love for art and music just makes sense to start collecting a thing or two from Mondo when it feels right.

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