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Over The Edge

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

The movie definitely didn't make the impact on me that the music on the soundtrack did. I was already familiar with Cheap Trick, but Over The Edge was my introduction to both The Cars and Van Halen. I vividly remember watching the film with my Aunts and asking them who the band was when "You Really Got Me" played. Neither were familiar. I asked that very same question when "Just What I Needed" came on. I received the very same answer. My teenage life changed when the credits rolled and I had two new bands to explore.

I didn't find either of the albums that were featured on the Over The Edge soundtrack initially. Van Halen's "Women and Children First' was released in March of 1980. It would become the first Van Halen album that I owned. Later that Summer "And The Cradle Will Rock..." took over the airwaves and I was even hearing the band on our local radio station. The Cars' 'Candy-o' was already out by this point and their hit "Let's Go" was in heavy rotation on that station as well.

I honestly don't remember if the station played anything from their earlier albums until that Summer. That's neither here nor there. Once I was tuned in and paying attention, nothing got past me. I was already old enough to ride my bike to the local record store. I was making money reffing youth soccer and had the ability to buy my own music. I was addicted. I honestly couldn't get enough.

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