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Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic

Ghost are reissuing 'Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic'. The 7" features the long-lost remastered 1969 song (make-believe) "Kiss The Go-Goat" and "Mary On A Cross". It can be preordered on purple vinyl from Bandcamp.

Image courtesy of Bandcamp

What do I love about the brainchild of Sweden's Tobias Forge? He's taken the absurdity of my teen years, found the humor in it, and repackaged it for modern day consumption.

There were a number of conspiracy theories in the early '80s about Satanic cults abusing children. The music that I loved was associated with "devil worship". The concerts that I attended were protested by Christians who were hoping to "save me". Supposed messages were found by playing songs backwards. A modern day witch hunt is what it was and a lot of innocent people were harmed by the fear and paranoia. I'm obviously skimming the Satanic Panic surface, but if what I've shared is unfamiliar and of interest, I highly recommend exploring the book Michelle Remembers and the McMartin preschool trial.

If you're unfamiliar with Ghost and want to listen to an album or two that Teen Kip would approve of, check out 'Meliora' and 'Impera'. If you dig those, 'Prequelle' and 'Opus Eponymous' are cut from similar cloth and highly recommended. Short attention span and prefer to sample a song or two? A few favorites are "Square Hammer", "Ritual", "Stand By Him", and "Cirice". You can also click play below and check out the songs on 'Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic':

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