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South By San José 2023

2019 was the last year that SXSW operated at full speed. That year, the festival brought around 280,000 people to the city and raised $355.9 million for the local economy. A badge to attend an "official" SXSW showcase runs $895. Add that to the cost of escalated lodging during the festival + Uber rides to get to the numerous venues hosting them and this festival can become ridiculously expensive to attend.

Image courtesy of Hotel San José

The festival that I attend is referred to as "unofficial". That means that you don't need that $895 badge to attend. It's hosted by Hotel San Jose and referred to as South By San José . Their parking lot is on my favorite street in Austin (South Congress) which has great food options, shopping, plus other venues in the area host live music as well.

Many of the bands that appear on the stage over the course of 4 days are SXSW Showcasing Artists: Abracadabra, Balming Tiger, be your own PET, Blondshell, CIVIC, The Golden Dregs, The Lemon Twigs, Oracle Sisters, Robocobra Quartet, and Why Bonnie.

If you want to check out the artists I'll be seeing, I created a playlist for your listening pleasure.

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