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The Linda Lindas: "Groovy Xmas"

I hate the holidays. There, I said it. As I get older, I've become increasingly more flexible though. You could say I've found a comfort zone and stay in that lane. Does that mean I happily play all the reindeer games? No, definitely not. It means that I no longer make life difficult for others by challenging their beliefs and such.

Holiday music is one of those comfort zones. I enjoy finding new songs, making playlists for people, etc. The Linda Lindas' "Groovy Xmas" is the first new song of the 2022 holiday season that I feel obligated to share. What's not to love? It's upbeat. It's catchy. It has felt cats with Santa hats on the cover. It's groovy, dammit!

But they "took Christ out of Christmas". Save that shit for someone else, please. I'm not going to come into your yard and leave my beliefs on your doorstep. I'd appreciate you just moving on and not leaving yours in the comment section of our blog. Enjoy "Groovy Xmas", make a playlist and title it "Groovy Christmas". Stay in your lane and let the rest of us happily get through the next couple of months, please. Fair enough? Groovy! Listen and enjoy:

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