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The Move: "California Man"

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

A light went on while moving. The buddy who helped me mentioned wanting to hear Cheap Trick's "California Man". I asked if he knew that they didn't write the song and a lengthy discussion followed. There are a number of artists who have covered songs over the years that people are unaware of the original version. I decided to create a category to write about those songs when one comes to mind.

Cheap Trick recorded a version of "California Man" in 1978. The song was released on their 'Heaven Tonight' album. The original was written by The Move's guitarist/vocalist Roy Wood. This was the band's last released single in 1972. The song was overshadowed by the popularity of Jeff Lynne B-side track "Do Ya". Most think that song is an Electric Light Orchestra original. Same songwriter, different band. Different vocalists as well.

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