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Turntable Kitchen

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Seattle-based Turntable Kitchen is run by Kasey and Matthew. The inspired couple's aim is to "infuse good taste into all aspects of modern life". I was gifted a subscription to their Coffee & Vinyl Pairings subscription a few years ago and it left enough of an impression to write about.

Gustavo Jaimes Coffee & Vinyl Art

There are 3 record of the month clubs offered by Turntable Kitchen. Let's cover all 3 and see if one is right for you:

1. Pairings Box: This is a food and music experience. What's included in the box? 3 seasonal recipes, a premium ingredients, and tasting notes. You'll also receive an exclusive 7" single and digital mixtape.

"Discover rising artists, enjoy an original menu, get to know unique ingredients and wow your friends with a playlist of the best new music each month." $25 per month. 2. Coffee & Vinyl Pairings: An exclusive colored 7" single and bag of coffee beans.

"Seasonal, fresh-roasted coffee from an artisan roasters such as San Francisco’s Lady Falcon Coffee Club, Seattle’s Slate Coffee Roasters, Onyx Coffee Lab, Ritual Coffee, and more." $30 per month. 3. SOUNDS DELICIOUS: This one's for people like me who don't collect 7" vinyl. Full-length albums only. No coffee pairing unfortunately.

"Favorite artists covering a full-length album of their choice. For example, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart covered Tom Petty’s LP Full Moon Fever" $25 per month.

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