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What Is Born to Löse Records?

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

In a nutshell, it's a website created by record collectors for record collectors. We focus primarily on albums that are in the pre-order stage. We find the limited editions, color variations, and indie exclusives and let you know where you can buy the option that's right for you. We'll also let you know what noteworthy reissues are being released.

Born to Löse Records logo on colored vinyl
Born to Löse Records

We won't be making any attempts to be tastemakers, so you won't find any album reviews on the website. If you follow us on Instagram, we will share information generated by a review aggregator of which albums are receiving positive press and which are not so if you're headed to the record store on Friday morning, you'll have an idea of which new releases are worth picking up.

Will we be selling albums? Yes. We have been selling albums on eBay for decades, so if we stumble upon something that I feel might be of interest to you, we'll share it on the website and Instagram.

This website is in its infancy stages, so it will change shape as time passes and suggestions of what to cover are received.

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