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Who Is Remsy Outpost?

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

I'm in the process of moving to the outskirts of my current town. I don't really like it here, so I've started exploring other towns that are close to me for coffee, places to eat, etc. While browsing through Instagram follow lists of restaurants that were of interest I saw one account that appeared on every single one: @remsymusic

I finally decided to check out her page after seeing her name for the third or fourth time. Black & White photos. Cool vintage Western vibe. Animal lover. No signs of the "music" that appears in her username though.

When I got home from work, I conducted a Google search and found the two videos that I've shared and a website. It doesn't look like she's shared anything since 2019 though. Is this indie folk siren a pandemic casualty? Would a website still exist if that were the case? I continued exploring and found an incredibly wonderful playlist entitled 'A Lonely Heart Mix' on her YouTube channel. Still nothing that gave me any insight to her songwriting career though. Maybe the answers could be found in the Daniel Johnston song that she covered?

Two lines in: "I've turned my back on silly dreams". I honestly hope that isn't the case. I quit looking for answers at this point and returned to her website and signed up for her newsletter with hopes that at some point in time good news will be delivered.

Remsy Outpost, I hope you realize that when the sun shines down on you it's not only deserved, it was earned.

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